Men on Fire for the Lord – Matt Stuessi


Produce men on fire for the Lord. Equipping them with knowledge and wisdom, so they can be leaders in their lives past college. We saw a difference between knowledge and wisdom in our sphere of influences, and wanted to apply MOTK principles to a wisdom focused Bible study through the book of Proverbs. We realized as college students that adult life was coming at us before we knew it and we need to be ready for it and prepare the people around us to be ready to lead. One principle that we have really focused on is the 3 P’s (Protector, Provider, and Pastor). So far in our study our guys have learned the importance of wisdom, and applied that to real life lessons so they are ready to be leaders in their family and community after college. 


Book of Proverbs


Small group for men

  • Become A Student

  • Become A Leader

  • Become A Mentor