Movies That Matter

In the modern era, people are not influenced in all the same ways that they used to be influenced. Long ago, people were influenced by books, conversation, art, theater, etc. We still have all of those today, but one of the main ways we are influenced was completely absent not too long ago due to lack of technology. The younger generations are being influenced by movies and shows. These seem to be more popular than books, theater, and the like. Because of this fact, Christians must take action. We need to make movies that are good, but we must also engage and interact with movies that are not necessarily and strictly Christian. A good way to do that is through a "movies that matter" group. This is a where a group gets together, watches an impactful movie, then discusses the worldview of that movie and analyzes it for the sake of learning and growing. This is a great way to lead a group of young people. 

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