Reflecting God – Jonathon Odom

Project Description:

What if Christian culture is leading you further away from Christ? This question may sound offensive or ridiculous to some, but it forces us to grapple with the fact that we can become completely embedded in cultural Christianity and yet end up feeling further from Him than we were before. Perhaps you’ve found yourself in a spiritual dry season despite knowing about God and going through all the motions. If you are looking for a pathway back to true intimacy with Christ and a vibrant Christian life, this book is for you! Reflecting God will help you refocus your faith on the essential components of a meaningful spiritual life and give you a paradigm that you can use to get back to the life-giving basics when you find yourself headed for the desert. There is flourishing in simplicity. This book will also help you navigate through some of the major pitfalls that keep us from experiencing the life Christ so longs for us to have. Reflecting God is meant to stir your affections for Christ by getting your head knowledge into your heart and out into your life.

Audience: Christians

Format: Book 

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