The Importance of the Gospel of the Kingdom – Brandon Schenck


The mission of this project is to provide a study for young adults that remind and reveal the importance of a Kingdom vision and how that impacts your relationship with friends, family, and God. It is more important than ever for Christian men to understand The Gospel message clearly and truthfully and to understand what it is not. Today's culture has twisted and molded multiple false Gospels that are near to the truth but cater to faults human flesh and sinful desire. This must be combatted and a way to combat it is to raise and equip strong Christian men with the truth of the gospel message and the discernment and wisdom to weed out false teaching. My project works to equip strong Christian men through a study of T.M. Moore's "The Gospel of The Kingdom" Article which explains thoroughly the difference between false teaching which, is referred to as "Near Christianity", and The Gospel of the Kingdom.


Men's small group of 7 guys


Tasked with Reading each chapter prior to meeting everything Thursday and then entering into discussion about each chapter and the role we play in society today.


T.M. Moore's The Gospel of The Kingdom
Interview with Men of The Kingdom Founder and Leader Dean Stinchfield

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